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Monday, 27 August 2007
September goal time ~ I promised myself I would blog them to keep myself accountable. If you want to read them, go for it! It is just me thinking out loud.

First, checking in on my August goals...
  • 10 online sales~ was at 44 on July 28, at 66 on August28 ~ so 22! woohoo! + 8 through diaperswappers
  • 30 hearts~ was at 173 July 29, at 222 on August 27~ so 49!
  • Stock fall items~ a lot in the works, paritally done, not as far as I'd like to be
  • Start Christmas items and planning~ no items yet, planning in process, though
  • Info about local bazaars and sales for holidays~ still need to make some calls.
  • Sign up to sell at 2 fall fairs in September/ October to move sample stock~ decided against due to time constraints
  • Take 'PIT' shirt orders, order supplies~ done, to be made this week
  • Launch Andy's new line of shirts~ Andy has not done his homework!
  • Get new Hyena Cart Congo ready to stock for September 1st and all that entails (more details later!)~ yep, on schedule! this has been a lot of work, but almost there!
  • I also have begun 3 new products ~ pony holders, skirt/shirt sets and fairy silks~ all to be listed soon.
I feel good about August, I have a stack of orders to fill and Hyena cart ready to roll, as well as a guest spot with another congo this month.

September Goals~ BTRT
  • 25 online sales
  • 30 hearts
  • Hyena Cart stockings ~ 2 at TOYS, 1 at OOTW
  • Launch Hyena cart congo~stocking, grand opening, advertising...
  • Start Christmas items and planning
  • Info about local bazaars and sales for holidays
  • Launch Andy's new line of shirts and possibly his wooden project plan
  • Complete 5 new items in addition to outstanding orders


Cara said...

You are busy! Sounds like you've had a great month, though. Thank you again for all your TOYS work that you're doing :) I'm just along for the ride... lol

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