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Friday, 25 April 2008
After a wee break to let my body start to heal, I am able to do a bit of needle felting again, yay! And I have an idea but I need a name!

Before I went into surgery I made Rowan a little needle felted apple. She rarely gets anything I make, so I made the apple just for her and placed it by her bed with a note for the morning of my surgery. It was the first time we have been apart for more than a day and *I* was having a hard time leaving her for 3 days! She loved her little treat, and the note I left instructed her to give it a squeeze whenever she felt lonely for mama, because I had filled it with love... awwwwww!

I'd like to make more little whimsies for special times (various shapes and forms)~ soft little gifts that fit in a child's hand or pocket to help them with a rough day, a separation or other stressful moments. Little things that can be given by a loved one and offer a connection.

But *what* to call them?! Something that evokes the feeling and the use... but Love Squeezers... well, um, no.

Please leave your suggestion in the comments for this post as well as a way to contact you (email, blog etc.) so I can send you a little lovey if I choose your name!


Pumpkin Pie Baby said...

How about HeartFelts?

karmama said...

Lovin' handful?

HeartFelts is really good though, don't know if I can beat that :)

LazyTcrochet said...

I like heartfelts...much better than funfelts which is all I could come up with.

lori said...

main squeeze? (btw jic no one is aware, heartfelted is the name of a wahm's biz already so it probably would be best to stay clear of that one)

Susan Schrock said...

What a sweet story and a beautiful creation. I think heartfelts is definitely the best name.

Designs By Abbi said...

"Squish Me's"


Theyre adorable :)

tjmetz said...

I love HeartFelts! I came up with a pretty cheesy one but it is fun to say =)

sniggle snuggles

lori said...

love felt (can you feel the love?)

lori said...

and that's an awesome idea, lori! i forgot to say that.

BabyLyons said...

heartfelts was a good one! i couldn't think of anything but i think they are great!

lori said...

cuddlefelts? heartholders?

Annette said...

I called them "little helper". When my son started school (10 years ago) he had a hard time using his right hand for writing , so I made him a little gnome that would fit perfectly in his hand. I told him, that the gnome wanted to be in his left hand to help him write better. So that is how he became a little helper. When I started teaching I had a little gnome that I would give to the children who for whatever reason needed a little help to stay focused or who had a rough day. They would keep them secretly in their hand or pocket and it helped them. (and children understand the words helper or friend :)

Good luck,

Helen said...

Well I can't think of a name other than squeegies. But that was the name of the bear I always hugged after my mom died. Squeegies always makes me think of a hug :)

Bunny B said...

When I read the post, HeartFelts immediately came to mind!

Great minds, pumpkin pie baby... great minds ;)

Brightonwoman said...

When my ds was about 4 he got really sick. I made him a little fleece pillow (throw pillow size) with a heart button on the corner. Before sewing it up, mommy and daddy blew kisses inside it. He is almost 8 and still sleeps with it. He calls it his 'snuggle pillow'
I like HeartFelts too, but agree that if someone else has HeartFelted then you shouldn't use it. When I saw the apple my first thought was "apple of my eye" but if you're doing things besides apples...hmmm.
Does "heart murmers" sound too negative? (like mumuring of love...sorry i can't figure out how to spell that)
Maybe "Love Spots"?

Lori said...

Thanks everyone! I love HeartFelts ~ I looked and there are 2 pages of shops with 'heartfelt' in the title on Etsy, so it it doesn't seem too exclusive. I'll have to think about it~ it is perfect, but you know....
More suggestions still welcome!


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