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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011
I always love to peek at the adorable monsters and wooly friends at Danger Crafts~ and with Valentine's Day coming up, I took the excuse to finally purchase a pattern.

It was a tough to pick just one, but given that my knitting time is generally limited to meetings and other long-seated type of settings I need to keep it simple. I am a kinetic learner and if I don't move *something* I am off in daydreams, knitting is the perfect,  rather mindless channel for that energy which enables me to stay focused and listen.  As it was there was a little too much dpn (double pointed needle) action for my mindless tastes (I am a Magic Loop kind of gal), but truly it is a great pattern, smart and simple and fun.

And so I bring you Penelope, the Empathetic Monster.  I am sure she will be re-named by the recipient, and judging by current naming trends it will likely be Daisy, Rose or Chloe. Although 'Pumpkin Sparkleshoes' was a recent addition to the menagerie.
The colorway is 'Parasol' by Tree Frog Knits. The ears and bits are done with a trim made to match Sugarbubbie's Mackenzie's Rainbow.
And speaking of re-naming I have found my own new name! While reading a storybook about Paul Bunyan at bedtime the other night, we encountered 'Hot Biscuit Sally'~ best name ever. So I am trying that on for size. Rowan is now Flapjack Sue. ♥


Scarlet said...

The Danger Crafts designer is actually local to me. She used to make these lovely handbags, and I'm sad that I never snagged one when I had the chance.

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