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Thursday, 3 February 2011
Jaidybug is the winner~ and thanks to everyone for taking the time to enter 
and to enjoy Lori's wonderful work!
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It is giveaway time again (yay!). If you are an artisan and/or small business owner interested in offering an item for a Weekend Giveaway, please send me a note for all the details.
This week I am pleased to welcome Lori of alfabette zoopeLori is a Chicago area resident, mom of 2 and hardworking artisan with simply gorgeous one of a kind hand dyed and batiked wares (not to mention traditionally and plant dyed yarns)!

I asked Lori what she is excited about in this new year:
starting a new year always gets me reenergized. so far i'm making much more effort to pay attention to my house, kids, and own needs. it's easy to get caught up in the rush of creating, listing and selling and let other things suffer, but i'm trying to reach some sort of balance and make things work better for everyone—even if it means slowing down some aspects of business right now.
When asked about winter activities (the recent snowstorms have lead to lots of snow days!), indoors and out, Lori shared:
we've done a lot of outdoor things like sledding this winter, it's a great way to pass some time and be active while getting outside the house. meet ups with friends are always enjoyable. indoors i have to admit we're still working on ways to not drive each other nuts some days—it's an ongoing process! family movie nights with a fire roaring and maybe some popcorn is a great way to hang out and enjoy spending time with each other. we also play a lot of kid-friendly games like go fish and trouble. during the day sometimes i pull out a box of paper scraps, scissors, markers, glue, and whatever else strikes me at the moment and let the kids create whatever they want to. it's almost always messy, but so fun seeing where their creativity takes them with just some simple materials. 

Lori's work is so distinct and lovely, I asked her about her inspirations:my inspiration has always come from a combo of what my kids are into or what i hear other kids are into, what i'm into, my background in graphic design, and nature. my own tastes are all over the place and i think that helps keep ideas flowing... from classic designs to kawaii to swirly earthy motifs to very stylized graphics, i kind of jump around from style to style and see what happens.
 The Giveaway: "Little Deer" Cloth Napkins
These cloth napkins make mealtimes a bit more fun and colorful. These napkins are 100% cotton, measure approximately 13" x 14" and have simple serged edges. This pair has been batiked with the "Little Deer" design and dyed muted red with a touch of creamy tan. Alfabette Zoope batiks are all hand-waxed and handdyed. All excess dye and wax is boiled and washed from the fabric and no special laundry care is required.

Simply leave a comment on this post
(and a way to contact you, either through your blogger ID, email, or other)::To qualify your comment must include a note about  your favourite alfabette zoope design (GALLERY). 
You can also join her Facebook page for news, special announcements and more!
You can find Lori at FRESH and Lily Pad Landing.
Check out her Etsy shop as well.

The winner will be randomly drawn from qualifying entries on Monday, February 7 at 10 PM est.

This giveaway is open to anyone (anywhere).


Nicolian said...

It is hard to choose just one! I am going to go with the rainbow though. Love it!

(nfjeld2 at yahoo dot com)

Anonymous said...

I really love the baby bear longies! Sooo cute!

Terri M said...

I love all the designs really, but I think right now the heartfeet speaks to me the most since I am just a few weeks from our little girl's EDD :)

terri_o_meier at yahoo dot com

Moonstonemama said...

Gah! It is so hard to choose, I really love the Spiral Trees and Heartfeet but if I had to pick what is really calling to me right now it would be Allium. It is like joy bursting forward!

Barefootmystic at gmail dot com

Bj Ketterman said...

I love her tree of life :)

Chandra said...

I'm really loving the tree frog and the allium. But it's all great!

ne-knopka said...

i like Spiral Trees Tee

iam fan on fb

anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

Jennifer said...

You can pick just one?! I love so many....heartfelt, cupcake, ride wild.

Serena said...

I love the new spiral trees!!!

asteiner18 said...

I love so much of what she does, the deer there are adorable! But I think the ball of yarn is so cool!

Lindsey said...

I am a HUGE fan of Lori's work! I have so many of her designs its hard to choose a favorite, but we have gotten the most compliments on the guitar shirt we have from her :)

lilacmomma at live dot com

FluffyHaze said...

Love all Lori's designs, we've had a few <3 Haven't seen the spiral trees tee yet, it may be my new favorite!!! Love the tree frog tee, too.

smockinghaze at yahoo dot com

Elizabeth said...

Wow, everything is so wonderful! I like them all! The deer napkins are adorable, but I was most impressed with the soft and natural colors of the yarn.

Anonymous said...

Loving the Allium women's hoodie...going to have to add it to my shopping list!

luvlieK - Kelly said...

Enter us please

Stratocaster Mens Tee

Holden's Landing said...

I thought heartfeet was my favorite design until I saw little deer - that is now my absolute favorite!
bonnie @

anne said...

the heartfeet has been a fav of mine for years, though I love the little monster one too

Karrie said...

It *IS* really hard to decide...loving the new designs but my very favorite has to be the "Little Birdie"!

ligata said...

I like the Tree Love Womens Tee!

vena.nedkova at gmail dot com

Domestic Diva said...

I like the tree of life tee. Fab!

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

Birgit said...

Following on GFC!

My favorite is the Last Leaves Tree Ladies Tee !

danaan at gmx dot at

Birgit said...

Liked you on FB too (Birgit Lehner)!

danaan at gmx dot at

Rachel said...

The tree of life is definitely my favorite!

Amber said...

What beautiful work! The Blossoms Dress is my absolute favorite design :)
Thank you for the giveaway :)

luxiii said...

Oh, batik is so pretty. I really like the allium tee. It is lovely and simple.

Meg said...

Hard to pick ... her stuff is gorgeous!

I love the maple leaf, the acorn, the little monster shirt ... the allium design might be my favorite, though!

chapstickmeg at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

The heart feet is my favorite. hiding57 at hotmail dot com

Jacqueline said...

i like the cupcake tee

Wendie said...

I LOVE the newborn heartfeet with the coordinating longies! I'd snatch those up right now if I could! Really, really adore the little dear napkins too. So cute!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the...."Ripe Strawberries" Longies.


JuneBug said...

I LOVE these designs! The Sparkle Faerie is wonderful, but my fave is the Tree of Life

Kate said...

We love all of Lori's designs! My son loves his froggie and rocket ship shirts. And I love the allium napkins! Hopefully someday we will own some!

Silvergirl said...

they are all beautiful.
The Sparkle faerie is nice.

silverlilacc at hotmail dot com

JennMarie said...

The cupcake tee would be so cute on my little cousin!I love the wine on a licorice twist yarn for me

Thanks for the giveaway!


Grace said...

I like the unicorn!

myyearinhaiku at gmail dot com

Vanessa said...

Love the tree loves women teeee!! it loks so cool!

chocolates_smiles at hotmail dot com

eclairre said...

Little Monster Tee is way cute. eclairre(at)ymail(dot)com

Walk in the Woods said...

I love your work … and to pick out anything "favorite" was impossible (especially since I don't do favorites) … I love the Tree of Life motif … but then … my eyes (and heart) settled on the Peace napkins. Sitting down to a meal with Peace at hand … just … works. :)


Anne said...

I love the monster one! they are all cute though!
anne (at) thehandmadegiftguide (dot) com

Christina said...

Christina - - I love The Spiral Trees, and the giveaway tie-dyed deer are adorable!

mom2girls said...

Well I loved this -Beach Pebbles Trim/Accents BUT my six year old says that NO the sparkle Fairy pillow case is the best - so we have a split vote for the best thing LOL

Peach Nia said...

i am a sucker for cupcakes :)

lovelylittledeer at

ArtsyAndi said...

Love the Earthy Rainbow Tee... just wish it came in sizes for big girls!!! Such fun designs!

Homemaker Honey said...

My fave is this yarn -
Fall For Me on Merino/Nylon Fingering.

homemakerhoney at gmail dot com

JaideyBug said...

I love the sparkle faerie pillow case!
jacy468 at aim dot com

momma rae said...

i love the swinging hoodie! the deer napkins are gorgeous. what fun products!

Aik said...

I love the Flower Quilt on BFL.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Lindsay Conner said...

Super cute napkins--I also love the swirly trees kids tee!

skipthelaundry said...

I like the sparkle faerie dress.
skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

Lyudmila said...

Folower via gfc=Lyudmila
I like the Beach Pebbles Trim/Accents
lusizova at

asuka said...

My favorite design has got to be this one:

so.kitsch at gmail dot com

Daph said...

Oh this art is so Fresh!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite design is the Juicy apple :)

Thank you for the giveaway

Amy at valuedcustomer(at)live(dot)com

Susie said...

I have two favorites - the hot air balloon dress for my daughter, and the tree of life for my son. Lovely designs!!

Mama Ruck said...

I love the hoodie with child on a swing. But the newborn set with footprint tee and longies tugs at my heart the most!

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

What funky napkins!

I know my girls would love the Blossoms Dress!

debyeo AT hotmail DOT com

TopHat said...

I love the Tree of Life tee, but I'm also in love with the yarn!

hrfarley at gmail dot com

indie said...

So many beautiful designs, it is hard to choose one! She is very talented. I must say that the Red pear tee was beautiful, as well as the shirt with a rainbow.

Cerena Leigh said...

the little monster tee is adorable!


anash said...

Mandatory Entry:
my fav is the Kawaii Sun Set. awesome designs
Anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

Candice said...

My favorite is actually the deer napkins pictured! I have an affinity towards deer lol

You have many great items. Thanks for your giveaway!

breakchop [[ @ ]]

WeekendBase said...

Great giveaway. I adore the Spiral Trees!

angie lilly said...

I follow you via GFC.
I love love love the Fire Tee
14earth at gmail dot com

angie lilly said...

I like them on FB as Tofu Fairy.
14earth at gmail dot com

Ainsley said...

after looking through the flickr photos, i really LOVE the apple napkins set!

super cute!


Ticket Bu™ said...

I've always been an AZ lover and especially any of her trees, but the spiral trees are my fave. I have a sunflower t and that would be a close second.

Scott said...

follow w/google friend
fav item at flickr site is Little Nut Tee..wish it came in my size!
nynekats at gmail dot com

Scott said...

their facebook liker Heath Cole
nynekats at gmail dot com

bugsnugger said...

Lori rocks! I have some of her plant dyed yarn, so gorgeous and we have had several of her gorgeous batiks, too. Awesome giveaway!

EricaC said...

The heartfeet shirt. I need one for my new bean! <3

Tanya said...

Oh so hard to choose! The spiral trees, the cupcake and that fab griffin tee. Lovely work. Thanks for the giveaway!

islandregencygirl AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

sandyandcosmo said...

My favorite design is the little deer.

Tiffany said...

I love the T Rex tee! Gorgeous stuff!
etwilkins at gmail dot com

Leslie R. said...

So pretty! I love the Sparkle Faerie Pillowcase.

lesliedoll at hotmail dot com

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