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Sunday, 10 July 2011
Please do tell!

Along with some beach time, visits with friends, worship and a buskers festival~ I squeezed in some sewing.

I completed a custom twirl skirt in a girls' 12-14 and I measured the final hem circumference.... 20 FEET. Yes. Nearly 7 yards around. And that is how we roll (twirl!) around here.
I actually mounted it on the wall to get a good shot of the whole skirt!
I also dove into my scrap basket to make a ladies skirt... sort of a trial.  I am often asked about making adult skirts, but the magnitude of fabric makes me feel faint.  Not to mention the miles of thread required for the task!

I remember when I bought my serger, the woman at the store told me that the regular sized cones of serger thread would 'last forever'. Little did she know... I go through the large sized ones in a few weeks.

But I did it... I made a ladies large patchwork skirt (customizable waist size)... available in the Etsy Shop.
And finally, along with a custom doll pinny, I made these two reversible doll pinafores for the shop...
I hope you had a great weekend, too!♥♥


Tanya said...

I finished off a couple in-progress projects from months ago (possibly last year!), including a convertible dress for myself. I was a little leery about a dress with only straps for a top, but I've been wrapping myself up in different ways all evening and it's fun! Will post as soon as I can get someone to take a photo.

Love your skirt! And those cones of thread don't last long here, either.

Lori @ Beneath the Rowan Tree said...

Wow! the dress sounds wonderful! I love that feeling of finishing off something I set aside (usually because it frustrated me!) Pics, for sure!!


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