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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Monday, 27 May 2013
Beneath the Rowan Tree will be celebrating it's Sixth Anniversary! 
To mark the event, we are inviting YOU to create a new BTRT colorway.

At BTRT we adore COLOUR.
And it has been our passion and joy to share colour in all its glory,
paired with the gorgeous natural magic of silk for six years.
What is a 'colorway'?
It is the combination of colours that make up the finished effect used on our multi-coloured playsilks.
Back when I started dyeing, you had either tie dyed (patterned) silks or muted solids to choose from,
so I borrowed from my yarn dyeing friends and began using colorways...
BTRT broke out with bright, vivid colours and creative multicoloured silks in a variety of sizes and toys
(many of which are 'standard' for newer silk shops today).

•~• NOW we are inviting you to create the color combinations! •~•

All you have to do is COMMENT on this post with the 2-3 colours 
you would like to see become a colorway!
Be specific and feel free to link to images to help visualize!
(ie. sapphire blue, pumpkin orange and hot pink)
We will randomly select THREE winners.
Each will receive a 35" playsilk dyed in their colorway.

The Fine Print:
We will ship prizes worldwide.
One per household.
We will randomly choose three comments~ if the colorway is already being dyed at BTRT, we will choose another comment... so originality counts! (See our current collection in our Etsy Shop)
Winners will be chosen on June 1st at 10 PM est.
Enter ONCE for reading this post.
Enter AGAIN for being or becoming a blog follower (left hand column).
Enter AGAIN for being or becoming a Facebook Fan Page follower.
Colour Tips:
Remember your colour theory ~ colours do blend when dyed!
Colours will be dyed in the order you list them,
so the most prominent and/or lightest colour should come first.

Thanks for your ongoing support! 
Good luck and have fun! ♥


mekjsk2000 said...

dark lavender, dark green, greyish brown

mekjsk2000 said...

mint green, light teal, dark teal

Facebook fan Melissa Kittle

Stephanie said...

Raspberry pink, creamsicle orange, and lime green. Rainbow Sherbet!

I Exist said...

Robin's Egg blue/Blue Violet/Red Violet, all shade #5 on the color wheel, all Tertiary colors :)

Sarah Aldrich said...

Bright pink, turquoise blue, forest green

Sarah Aldrich said...

Eggplant, maroon, brilliant orange.

Facebook Fan

Sarah Aldrich said...

Mint, Lavender, salmon

Susie said...

Lavender fields: lavender (pale purple), turquoise blue, & spring green (brighter like chartreuse)

Susie said...

Am also a Facebook fan!
My second colorway is Spring Blossoms: soft pink, pale yellow/ivory, and a pale celery green.

AnnieEG said...

Violet, Rose Pink, Pumpkin Orange!

Lindsay K said...

"Lovely" - baby pink, raspberry pink, and royal purple. I'm also a fan over on facebook.

N. Thompson said...

Burnt Orange:,r:7,s:0,i:178&iact=rc&dur=796&page=1&tbnh=182&tbnw=145&start=0&ndsp=15&tx=78&ty=70
Mustard Yellow:
and Violent (almost Violet) Blue:

SAHM I am said...

Dior grey, amethyst, and buttercup yellow

Kelly Z said...

bright yellow, pale caribbean blue, turquoise

Kelly Z said...

pale silvery blue, rose pink, lavender

Kelly Z said...

soft spring green, turquoise, royal purple

I think I joined your blog the other day, but I can't be phone was acting up.

Angie Franckewich said...

Grass green, Forest green, and Jade green

Amanda @RusticRemnants said...

Indian blanket, my favorite flowers. Rich hot colors ranging from yellow to red and all shades in between. Makes me instantly think of summer.

I Exist said...

Black, silver, turquoise

I Exist said...

Black, silver, fuschia

Angie Franckewich said...

Silver, Sky Blue, and Forest Green!

Meaghan said...

granny smith apple green, dandelion yellow, Caribbean ocean blue

Meaghan said...

blog follower
granny smith apple green, dandelion yellow, Caribbean ocean blue

Meaghan said...

saftey vest orange, lemon yellow, stop sign red

Facebook fan

KBW said...

Deep teal/turquoise, rusty/copper, dark charcoal

KBW said...

FB Fan 2nd entry

Lime Green, Forest Green, chocolate brown.

mekjsk2000 said...

yellow, lavender, dark purple

follow blog

racheous said...

Great giveaway! My choice of colours would be 'Night sky' - aubergine purple, dark navy and charcoal grey :-)

racheous said...

FB Fan 2nd entry: 'Australia' burnt orange, Eucalypt green, pale yellow and Blue grey :-)

racheous said...

Blog follower 3rd Entry: 'island getaway' sandy yellow, Deep blue, Turquoise, and Palm tree green

Lee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lee said...

Facebook fan.

Lee said...

Pterodactl wings-- vivid red and golden mottles with black streaks.

Toby said...

sunrise over the ocean... brilliant turquoise, rich purple, bright orange!

thank you for such a lovely opportunity! This would be my daughter's first playsilk ~ I know she would LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

2nd post for FB fan...
I love the contrast between sky blue & red soooo...
baby sky blue, light blue, red

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